It’s been real, Kalamazoo.

Dear Kzoo Uncaged Readers –

This post comes from a bittersweet place in our hearts. Last week Wednesday was our 100th post. For the past 100 posts, we have had the privilege of sharing the beautiful stories of how our interviewees are striving to make Kalamazoo a better place for us all. The last 23 months of meeting and learning about these amazing people has been an honor for the three of us, which is why it is difficult for us to say that today’s post will be our last.

When we first started Kzoo Uncaged back in September 2013, we had no idea what would come of it. We wanted to help connect and engage the people in the community, and show some pride for the place we are all fortunate to call home. We talked to people with over 40 years of work experience, to someone who is yet to reach his teenage years. We met with small business owners, cooks, artists, writers, and singers. We talked with people who inspire and lead every day of their lives to make an impact on our youth, education, and the community’s economic development. And we got the low down on beer; really, really good beer.

As we write this final post, we wanted to say thanks. Thanks to our readers for stopping by every week to learn about the coolest of the cool in our town. Thanks for the recommendations; we wouldn’t have been able to share half of the stories we did without your help. Thanks to our interviewees for being so open to sit down and tell your story to three strangers. And thank you Kalamazoo, for being the inspiration, focus, and reason we are all striving to make the place we live a happier, healthier community.

We hope the people of Kalamazoo continue to connect and grow and shout from a mountain top how awesome our community is. It’s been a pleasure, Kalamazoo.

Andy, Carrie & Sydney