All about it.

Kzoo Uncaged comes from an idea that originated during the 2013 Kzoo Hackathon, an idea that a better job could be done of promoting Kalamazoo through social media. The current goal for Kzoo Uncaged is really the core of that original idea…

First, to promote, you need something to share. What will that be you ask? Well, there’s already some sharing of things like events, business, education, etc. But these things don’t happen on their own; people make them happen. People are the heart of Kalamazoo.

We want to discover these amazing people and share their story with the rest of Kalamazoo, and the world. We aim to find the people who are making a difference and get their story to the masses in hopes that it will inspire others and form ideas to further evolve our city.

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In effort to make this happen, we (Andy, Carrie, & Sydney) joined forces in July 2013. Kzoo Uncaged caters to each of our interests and expertise, creating a culture of passion and excitement. We hope you can feel that and enjoy what you read!

Thanks for checking out Kzoo Uncaged, and have a great day in the ‘Zoo!